Goals and Accomplishments

We are so thankful to God for using our ministry to have an impact for His Kingdom and for His glory. Below are a few highlights of what we have been up to:

▪ Championed the ongoing effort for more than 6,000 Malawian children to be sponsored through World Vision so far, creating on-going revenue of nearly $3,000,000 per year for transformational impact in families and communities in Malawi.

▪ Enabled the launch of numerous new projects, such as Y-Malawi, and orgainizations worldwide delivering clean water sources for the thirsty, food and sustainable agriculture for the hungry, healthcare for the sick and vulnerable, schools and education for the most-rural areas, economic development including micro-finance for the poor.

▪ Ignited passion and faith-in-action in more than 1,500 American’s for the lost, last, and least of the world, by taking them to serve on the front-lines in Africa, India, Central America,and more.

▪ Recruited 30 churches and schools from 10 different denominations to unite and fight together for the nation of Malawi, creating a holistic, transformational community model in partnership with 6 dynamic and best-practices organizations including World Vision, Opportunity International, and others

▪ Championed a focus on vulnerable poor children, women, and families, including the orphaned, widowed, persecuted, marginalized, and trafficked.

▪ Partnered with more than 25 different Christian relief and development organizations empowering unity and strength, so that God’s transformational message and acts of love, hope, life, can be accomplished on a large scale.

▪ Hosted campaigns fighting for special funding for village projects in rural Africa, including emergency famine response food, water wells, new schools for children, healthcare initiatives including HIV/AIDS and a “War on Malaria”.

We are praying for BIG goals and impact for 2016:

▪ Champion a love and faith-based response to the refugee crises in the Middle East and North Africa by engaging people and their churches with front-line responders in Jordan, Lebanon, Greece, Spain, and Italy. Host Refugee Vision and Serving Trips for people and their churches and businesses to learn, experience, and engage in the response. Host faith-based athletic challenge events events including at least two Refugee Riders to raise awareness, support, and resources for the response

▪ Build-on and accelerate the momentum that we are experiencing in our areas of service, pouring gasoline on the current fires so to speak! God willing, we intend to not simply add to but to multiply the numbers of people, organizations, churches, schools, and businesses we can stand with and empower by 25% or more.

▪ Facilitate serving trips to Jordan, Turkey, Greece, Malawi, India, Honduras, and Spain involving more than 200 people.

▪ Engage 10 additional churches and businesses and 2000 people in trips and projects. Mid-Year Update: 527 people involved in our April 2016 Team FaithQuest Ragnar Relay event as athletes, volunteers, and donors. 579 people involved in our June 2016 Team FaithQuest Big Ring Century event as athletes, volunteers, and donors.  So far, 86 people directly involved in our 6/16 and 9/29 Refugee Rider international cycling fundraising events as athletes, volunteers, and donors. Other trips and events so far, 156 souls involved.

▪ Champion reaching the goal of $250,000 from Team FaithQuest events for advancing the impact of outreach of FaithQuest, Y-Malawi, and other organizations involved in our events.

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