FaithQuest is determined to be a catalyst to mobilize people and their churches to put their faith into action. We are eager for all to experience the exciting journey of transformation that often occurs when we respond to the message of Jesus to “Go” (Mark 16:15 and Matthew 28:19-20) and step into a great faith-adventure trip to places where together we can love God, love others, and have a blast!

We seek to build bridges of love and connection between people and their churches within the USA and front-line missionaries and their organizations in areas of the greatest needs all over the world. We seek to mobilize USA churches under God’s banner and mandates to join Him in His work in the world, advancing the kingdom by unifying of the body of Christ in action and involvement. We do this by coming alongside people and their churches in the USA as well as key mission opportunities around the world. We have been appropriately called things like mission adventure guides, mission brokers, match makers, and mission catalysts by those we work with. (Those are the nice things we have been called anyways!)

We strongly believe in Jesus’ mandate to “Go” and that God works through relationships that are launched when we do “Go”. Short term mission trips are a key method of connecting people with people and building relationships across the waters, so we actively organize and host trips to get these relationships started! We vigorously recruit, train, and send those who answer the call, with their own “Here am I! Send me” (Isaiah 6:8). The result is often an only-God-could-have-done-this transformational change in individuals, churches, and needy villages and communities where God has led us. Woohoo! We genuinely hope the next chapter in the story includes YOU!

We like to say FaithQuest’s beginnings were when Jesus said “Go” in 33 AD, as it says in our logo. Skipping ahead 2000 years, businessman John Gash went on a spur of the moment serendipitous Africa mission trip in April of 2002. This was a transformational experience for him and the beginning of the journey of FaithQuest. Since then, others have joined the effort vocationally and many others like have come alongside FaithQuest as passionate volunteers serving in on all kinds of ways. Together we have enjoyed relationships with more than 75 churches in the USA from 8 different denominational groups.  It has been a privilege to help arrange for more than 1200 people to go on a short term mission trip to many parts of the world. Many become passionate about missions, including many that have become full-time vocational workers in this field, and far more that are servant leaders in their churches, helping to spark faith in action, outwardly-focused movements in their churches. Additionally, we have helped to play a part in the birth of several new mission organizations and movements that have grown out of these same trips.  We feel like we have front row seats on the 50 yard to the biggest thing we could ever imagine!  We are very thankful to our great and awesome God!

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