– Y-Africa? is a groundbreaking model for partnership between a growing number of churches in the US and frontline Christian organizations in Africa. Together we provide community-wide, sustainable development and transformation in the areas of water and food security, healthcare, education, evangelism & discipleship, leadership development, youth programs, and economic development. Y-Africa’s mission is to create and implement a replicable mission model which mobilizes churches and engages them to come alongside existing ministries and communities in Africa to empower life-changing spiritual and tangible transformation within both groups.

FaithQuest Missions has been involved with the incubation and launch of the Y-Africa model and doing all we can to see a growing network of cross-denominational churches working in unity together. Now Y-Africa is its own separate volunteer-operated 501c3 organization and FaithQuest Missions is one of their Partners.  John Gash volunteers as President and other FaithQuest team members are also helping to lead the way as key volunteers in this movement. We think that the Y-Africa model is needed by USA churches and by Africa, and so FaithQuest is serving to help make connections with those churches and the front-line work in Africa.

Y-Malawi? –  Malawi is a small east african country of 15 million souls, but one of the poorest countries in the world. The work in Malawi the starting place and leading example for the Y-Africa? model. Read more about it on our Y-Malawi pages and links!

Y-Uganda? – Churches and components including World Vision Uganda have launched into a new Area Development Program and are looking for others churches to join in through a Y-Africa model

Y-Lesotho? – World Vision Lesotho has invited churches to join in a partnership of churches and Lesotho-based ministries through Y-Africa in 2 new Area Development Programs in the mountains of Lesotho Africa

Y-Africa? has 9 registered trade names including Y-Malawi?, Y-Uganda?, Y-Lesotho?, Y-Mozambique? Y-Congo?, Y-Zambia? Y-Rwanda?, Y-Ethiopia?, and Y-Tanzania?  God is moving in Africa and moving in USA churches that have joined Him in His work.  Contact us here at FaithQuest to learn more: Y-Africa@FaithQuestMissions.org

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