The Timothy Movement

FaithQuest has certainly recognized the energy and passion of the next generation for global impact. Many young people are ready to dive into purpose, yet are being suffocated by pressures, trends, and busyness. FaithQuest wants to come alongside young people to help them navigate their lives into missional engagement for Jesus Christ. To give them a platform to pour out their passions and talents in a way that brings hope to the lost and needy, as well as providing training and encouragement to become leaders in their youth groups, schools and communities. This movement of young global disciples is what we are calling The Timothy Movement.

The Timothy Movement strives to accomplish our goal of mobilizing and equipping young people through the following:

  • Youth-Specific Short Term Missions Trips: Whether it’s purely for youth or a special program for youth on a larger mission trip, we want to get young believers into the world! The Great Commission is for all believers, young and old and there are plenty of opportunities for youth to engage with.
  • Missions-based curriculum and devotions: Both for trips and for youth pastors or parents, we’re happy to provide resources for helping young people grow in their knowledge and theology of missions. Knowledge is the first part of transformation.
  • Guest Speakers: If you are youth pastor and would like a missionary and/or mobilizer to come speak at your youth gathering, we’ll partner with you in that.
  • Fundraising assistance: One of the hardest challenges for youth engaging in missions is fundraising enough to afford going on a trip. We don’t want to let that get in the way and therefore will brainstorm with you, provide sample support letters, help extend your fundraising network, etc. Or maybe you want to lead a fundraiser for missions within your church-we can assist in that as well.
  • Leadership Development: Leadership is our largest hope for youth involved in The Timothy Movement. We want to see youth working together with adults in their churches for missions! We provide active post trip involvement for those that go on trips with us-helping youth get involved. I addition to this, we will be hosting occasional free weekend missions leadership courses in convenient locations.

For more information on The Timothy Movement or if you want to get involved contact Jordan Gash at

Partnered with FaithQuest’s Y-Malawi initiative, The Timothy Movement launched in July of 2010. As part of the trip, 14 youth (ages 15-20) jumped on board a specially designed Youth Track program operated by the The Timothy Movement. Students encountered the needs of Malawi and put their faith to action in a variety of ways–in the Hospitals, in the fields, and in the churches. Along with that, students were equipped with a cirriculum to help mature and develop them to become intentional leaders for God’s purposes in the world! Lives were truly changed because these young Christ-followers were willing to step out in faith! Praise the Lord!

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