Operation Mobilization, India (Dalit Freedom)

India is a land immensely rich in culture and history with 1.3 billion people and a booming national economy! It’s a hub for global commerce and a vacation spot for western nations. However, there is a crushed and desperate people group beneath the surface of India’s intrigue and they are known by the rest of their Hindu nation as the Dalits. Numbering close to 300 million, they are considered “subhuman” according to the ancient Hindu caste system that dominates much of Indian thinking and are subject to devastating poverty and the violent human trafficking trade. Regardless of the efforts of many to keep them silent, their cry for hope rises forth and the Church must have ears to hear!

Its a cry that the influential Indian leader, Dr. Joseph D’Souza ¬†and Operation Mobilization, India heard loud and clear. With their ongoing efforts and increasing ministry partnerships, a united international front is being established against the injustice overwhelming the Dalit people. By the power of Christ, and through the mobilization of God’s people, “the system that Satan has had a strangle-hold on for 6000 years is collapsing!” (D’souza).

FaithQuest has joined Friends Church of Yorba Linda and others in calling for “all hands on deck” in this effort! Overtaking a long-standing, oppressive, societal system means starting at the roots–children. D’Souza and OM are convinced that the children of India are the source of change. By planting schools (known as Dalit Education Centers) in Dalit areas of India, open to all castes and staffed by trained OM workers, a next generation is being educated to transform not only a nation, but the world. Furthermore, each Dalit Education Centers acts as a hub for launching outreach into the surrounding villages, resulting in churches being planted, shrines being torn down and salvation, through Christ, coming to thousands upon thousands of people. We encourage you to join together with us in this incredible Kingdom work!

Come with us to India and encounter faces that will impact your life and draw you to action! Involve your Church by sponsoring Dalit students or even building a Dalit Education Center. Be a part of seeing the God-sized goal of 1000 Dalit Education Centers established in India which is estimated to create 35,000 churches. These precious people are asking the Church to be their voice. Why should we? Because as D’Souza says, simply, “It’s the mindset of Jesus.”

To learn more about this particular Church effort, check out this presentation.

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