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Being in the work of missions and mobilization, it is impossible for us here at FaithQuest to not be aware of extraordinary need of  our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world who, in spite of severe opposition, hold strong to their faith and hope in the Jesus Christ. Although mobilization partnerships with these believers pose a great slew of obstacles,

based on the restrictions in the countries they are in and the low profile they must keep, we had strong desires to somehow support this mission field. An answer to prayer arrived when we came into contact with Open Doors—an organization committed to the support and encouragement of the persecuted church around the world. We have great respect for Open Doors and are very grateful that God has provided the opportunity to partner with them.

The humble, yet miraculous beginnings of Open Doors began in 1955 where Brother Andrew began a dangerous ministry of smuggling Bibles across the Iron Curtain. His renowned book God Smuggler describes the undeniably supernatural ways that God protected him and sustained his mission of Bible smuggling. As the years continued on, his ministry expanded to places like China and the Middle East and began to become more than just bringing Bibles, but also providing resources and encouragement. Open Doors continues to grow and expand today across the globe and is, without a doubt, the number one organization spurring on believers in closed countries.

Their call to be “One with Them” perfectly describes their heart and comes from 1 Cor. 12:26: “Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ.” We too, want to be one with the persecuted church and want to enthusiastically encourage our Church partners to do the same. We invite you and your church to join with us and Open Doors by hosting a fundraiser, experiential awareness event, or perhaps come on a trip where you can have a hand in directly empowering those that are suffering for their faith.

If you would like to find out more about Open Doors, you can check out the Open Doors USA website. Or if you are interested in getting your church involved, please email us! We would be thrilled to work with you in this!

Find out more about Open Doors “One with them Campaign

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