Farming for the Hungry

Cathey and Mark Anderson have been John and Lori Gash’s great friends for more than 25 years and great supporters of this ministry. Cathey has retired from her work as an Agriculture teacher and we are very excited to see her turning her considerable talents to helping FaithQuest mobilize churches towards addressing the severe hunger and food shortage problems in the third world, including Malawi.  Led by Cathey, we are calling these initiatives “Farmers for The Hungry”, with a mission to mobilize farmers and others with a heart for providing food for the hungry, along with their churches, in order to promote sustainable agricultural practices for the extreme poor. Our heart for this is rooted in the admonitions of Jesus to feed the hungry and poor and our familiarity with the great joy everyone experiences when we do so.

Nkhoma/Chilenje Valley Focus
The focus of our work at this point is the villages of the Nkhoma and Chilenje valleys of central Malawi, working closely with the Y-Malawi? organization and churches. Some of the initiatives and projects we are looking to champion in conjunction with our Y-Malawi partners include:
-Maize production enhancements through “Farming God Way”
-Treadle pumps for year-round gardens
-Fruit trees for families
-Crop diversification
-Pig and goat lending program
-Animal husbandry training
-Poultry projects
-Rabbit production programs
-Irrigation pond development
-Fish farming in irrigation ponds
-Water wells for safe drinking water

Serve with us, invest with us! Hands-on short term Serving Trips that are focused on action in these areas in Nkhoma/Chilenje are a key component of our work. We also maintaining a list of opportunities for appropriate investment in these projects in the Nkhoma and Chilenje valleys by anyone who desires to participate with us. Serving teams of all types going to Nkhoma/Chilenje Malawi can view and participate in these projects!

Do you have a heart for doing something about the food crises in Africa?

If you are from a Y-Malawi church: We hope to see farmers and others with a heart for providing food for the hungry from currently involved churches cooperate and unify for greater impact in Nkhoma/Chilenje!
Not from a Y-Malawi Church? We also hope to invite farmers and others whose church is not yet involved with Y-Malawi to join us on trips and our work in Nkhoma/Chilenje, and potentially be a contact person for your church joining the Y-Malawi alliance of churches reaching out with God’s love in tangible ways to the families of the rural villages of Malawi.

Our goal is to develop and grow a network of like-minded individuals and their churches for maximum impact, food security, and transformation in Nkhoma/Chilenje! Please contact us if you have a heart for doing something tangible and impactful about the food crises inMalawi, or in other parts of Africa and the world! Partnering together with our churches, we know God will make a way for us to feed the hungry!

Photo: Carrie Radeleff Cox giving some aid on a new Nkhoma treadle pump! Simple manual pumps like combined with training on irrigation techniques are transformational for communities that currently rely only on a short rainy season to grow one rotation of maize per year. The capacity to grow food during the 9 month dry season with this type help is literally life for the people of Nkhoma/Chilenje.

Key Contact: Cathey Anderson: –  (760) 807-8686

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