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FaithQuest Missions has four types of ministry partnerships or alliances: organizations, churches, FaithQuest intiatives, and mobilization resources. Here is a summary of a portion of the activity in this network right now:

Organizational Alliances/Partnerships
These are front line organizations that minister in the field with proven track records of effective results. FaithQuest engages with these organizations to provide mobilization opportunities to churches and their people in the USA, while serving “the least of these” around the world.

World Vision – World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. Motivated by faith in JesusChrist, they serve alongside the poor and oppressed as a demonstration of God’sunconditional love for all people. They provide hope and assistance toapproximately 100 million people in nearly 100 countries. In communities around the world, they join with local people to find lasting ways to improve the lives of poor children and families. See more at www.WorldVision.org

Operation Mobilization– OM mobilizes the Church to share the knowledge of Jesus and His love with every generation in every nation. OM pioneers and leads initiatives to redeem lives, rebuild communities and restore hope all over the world. Almost 5,500 people of 95 nationalities are serving with Operation Mobilization in over 110 countries to bring a message of hope to the peoples of the world. We have one thing in common—we love Jesus and we want others to have the opportunity to hear about Him. Through literature, the creative arts, friendship, Bible studies, videos, DVDs, CDs and MP3s, correspondence courses, relief and development work, and much, much more—by all means possible we will tell people how our lives have been changed—and how they can meet Jesus. See more at www.OM.org

Y-Africa? – Y-Africa? is a groundbreaking model for partnership between a growing number of churches in the US and frontline Christian organizations in Africa. Together we provide community-wide, sustainable development and transformation in the areas of water and food security, healthcare, education, evangelism & discipleship, leadership development, youth programs, and economic development. Y-Africa’s mission is to create and implement a replicable mission model which mobilizes churches and engages them to come alongside existing ministries and communities in Africa to empower life-changing spiritual and tangible transformation within both groups. Y-Malawi is a leading example of this model. More on Y-Africa?, Y-Malawi?, Y-Uganda?, Y-Lesotho?

Opportunity International – Opportunity International provides micro-finance loans, savings, insurance, and investments for over 2 million people working their way out of poverty in the developing world. To reach remote communities, Opportunity uses mobile bank vehicles, ATMs and point-of-sale (POS) devices in local businesses. Thisallows people to access services right in their own villages, saving the time and cost of travel. Opportunity also offers biometric fingerprint identification on an ID card, keeping a client’s savings secure. Opportunity clients’ deposits are funding loans in their own communities and stimulating their local economy. Find out more at www.opportunity.org.

Cargo of Dreams – Cargo of Dreams is an organization that excels at addressing the needs of impoverished countries and the importance of getting members of US churches engaged. With their unique Cargo Container projects, they not only can provide a school/office/church/bank/etc. in the form of a converted Cargo Container, they can get huge numbers of people sitting in the pews out to the parking lot to work on this project that will make a remarkable impact on the lives of many! For more, see www.CargoOfDreams.org

Life Long Learners International -LLNI is the mission of Roland and Patricia who grew up with a desire to see people meet Christ and see the Good News spread world wide. In March 2007 they left behind a combined 70 years of ministry in West Coast Churches to begin a world wide ministry to indigenous Pastors, Church Planters and Christian Leaders. Believing that LEADERS HOLD THE KEY to spreading Christ’s Kingdom, Roland and Patricia’s passion and vision is to pour their lives and focus into those who have the potential of impacting thousands of their own people for Christ. For more, see www.LLNI.org

Monte Christo Ministries -Based in Paarl, South Africa, the focus of MCM is to meet people at their place of need. Then–by engaging young individuals in programs, projects and training–grow, disciple and release into maturity the next generation of South African youth and leaders. Moving young people from survival to success and significance through life skills development, mentoring and biblically based training will turn otherwise desparatve lives into ones of significance.
For more, see www.MonteChristoMinistries.com

Kids Around the World – The foundation of this organization is that it cares and loves kids and is striving to help kids enjoy being kids. Children so often become victims of things that are out of their control. Kids Around the World is working to provide joy for these children. They do this by building safe play equipment in the areas that these children live. In addition, in partnership with the Jesus Film, they are providing durable, state-of-the-art flannelgraphs and children-based teaching material to communities so that kids can hear the gospel for years to come. For more, See www.KidsAroundTheWorld.com

Grower’s First -The programs of Grower’s First are focused on the ground level coffee grower and on facilitating an overall improvement in their economic and social quality of life. Growers First believes that in order to achieve this sustained, overall improved quality of life, it requires more than just a good price for their crops. Their systematic approach is aimed at improving social sustainability, addressing physical, spiritual and humanitarian needs as well as attaining a sustainable and increasing revenue stream for the growers and their families. Only by addressing all of the issues that impact growers can their lives be truly transformed. For  more, see www.GrowersFirst.org

The Sumba Foundation -The Sumba Foundation is deeply committed to lessening the consequences of poverty and promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ on the island of Sumba, Indonesia.  Their aim is to provide humanitarian aid by fostering village-based projects that impact health (including services and malaria control), education, water and income-generation, while preserving and respecting the fragile culture and traditions of the Sumbanese people. for more, see www.SumbaFoundation.org

Church Alliances/Friendships

FaithQuest currently has a connection with more than 100 churches in the USA from 8 different denominational groups and many non-denominational churches.  It has been a privilege to help arrange for more than 1000 people from these churches to go on a short-term mission trip to many parts of the world. Many have become passionate about missions, including those who have become full-time vocational workers in this field, and many more that are now servant leaders in their churches, helping to spark faith-in-action, outwardly-focused movements in their church. These churches are in several states coast to coast, and we are open to helping anywhere in the USA with anyone who desires encouragement or help with their mission engagement. We are always looking to pour gas on all the missional sparks or fires we can find! Contact us at info@faithquestmissions.org to find out more about how we can help your church engage with this network of ministries, ministry opportunities, and other like-minded churches!

Mobilization Alliances/Friendships

Dalit Freedom: Together with Operation Mobilization, India, FaithQuest is standing together with those known as the Dalits of India. Crushed and abused under the ancient Hindu caste system of India, the Dalits are widely known and treated as subhumans. Also known as the “Untouchables”, they face severe poverty and bitter trafficking. Yet, spearheaded by OM India, the Dalit Freedom campaign is seeking justice and bringing Salvation, through Christ, to this unreached people group of nearly 300 million. Find out more!

Hume Lake Christian Camps: If you are familiar with Christian camping, it is impossible to not know about Hume–its an extraordinary camp putting on top-quality programming. Hume International Ministries is a branch of HLCC and we are proud to be the mobilizing branch of this ministry! Find out more!

Open Doors: Open Doors, which emerged from the Bible smuggling ventures across the Iron Curtain of Brother Andrew in the late 1950s, is an incredible international organization that focuses all of their efforts on the support of the persecuted church around the world!

Dean-o and the Dynamos: Changing the lives of children and families around the nation with their incredible music! We are excited to partner with Dean-o and the Dynamos in our efforts for child sponsorship and missional engagement!

Mission Network – Energizing quarterly gatherings of mission leaders from Southern California area churches and more! Contact info@faithquestmissions.org to find out more and join us at the next meeting!

National Outreach Convention -Never has there been a greater or more critical time to reach people for Christ.  The National Outreach Convention (“NOC”) is the place for you and your team to be empowered for more effective and focused outreach. FaithQuest proudly partners and promotes the goals of this convention. For more, see www.NationalConvention.com

Dual Reach – DualReach’s overarching purpose is to serve local churches and the church mobilization arm of mission agencies and Christian schools in order to see God glorified through greater proclamation of the gospel and discipling of the nations. Their primary ministries are providing quality training, consultation and missions education resources. For more, see www.DualReach.org

Emmaus Road International – This is a great place to find quality resources for missions! See www.ERI.org and their forum: www.Network4Missions.org

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